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How to Convert Time Zones In Power Automate

Power Automate has a Date Time action to convert and format time zones in one action

It is important to know this action because it is easier than using expressions convertToUtc and convertFromUtc.

The actions are under DateTime

DateTime connector in Power Automate

List of Actions of DateTime

Convert time zone action

The Convert time zone action is very simple. It comes with pre-loaded time zones and formats.

The inputs for this action are:

  • Base time: Date and time you can to convert.
  • Source time zone: Select the UTC Time zone or any other.
  • Destination time zone: Select your local time zone or other time zone.
  • Format string: ISO formats, follows the ISO 8601 format.

List of time zone in Conver time zone action in Power Automate

List of date format ISO 8601 for conversion in Power Automate action Convert time zone

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Frédérick Grobost